2016 Prices:

*Pricing is based on the approximate number of hours spent on each piece plus supplies involved.  Shipping and handling will be added to your final total.*

Acrylic Paintings

  • 5″ x 7″ – $100 and up  (Currently unavailable)
  • 8″ x 10″ – $200 and up
  • 11″ x 14″ – $550 and up
  • 16″ x 20″ – $1500 and up

Pencil Portraits

All portraits are completed on 11″ x 14″, 110 lb,, acid-free, white, paper. Commissions of larger sizes are available.

  • 1 person – $200
  • 2 people – $350
  • Groupings of more than 2 people $500 and up


I am pleased to offer this service!  Many artists won’t take commissions for varying reasons but this is often my preferred way to work. When a painting is commissioned, I jot down any information that you wish to give me regarding your likes and dislikes, your family (birthdays, hobbies, etc. ) flowers and plants that you love, wildlife, and on and on, and then we work together to create a piece that will be personalized and that you will *hopefully* love forever! The only things that I will not put in your piece are things that don’t work artistically or names and objects that would ruin the possibility of resale in the future. Also, when commissioning a piece, please remember that I require as much artistic license as possible… If you like my work, you must trust me! I will always try to send you updates as the project progresses so that you can see how it changes over time.  If, during one of the updates, you see something you absolutely hate, I am happy to accommodate you the best that I can.  Depending on how busy I am, and how crazy you want your painting, it can take me between 2 weeks and 3 months to complete a single piece… Patience is a virtue in this case!  I promise to work as hard and as fast as I can but you just can’t rush the creative process, especially on the larger paintings, so if you are looking to commission something as a gift, you MUST plan ahead.  If you have any questions about my commissions and how they work, please shoot me a message!

**All payments can be made through email transfer (preferred) or PayPal to my email:  melissa.g.stinson@gmail.com**

**50% non-refundable deposit is required on ALL commissions. With the remaining portion to be paid before your piece is shipped**


15% discounts available for:

  • Referrals – if you refer someone to my site and they purchase any piece over $200 AND give me your contact email, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your next order!

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