With Flowers in Her Hair
11″ x 14″
c. Melissa Stinson

Alexia — Melissa- rarely do I have the time to really check out the pages of other artists, but I did scroll through your page today- and kept scrolling. Your pieces contain a beautiful spirit and light and deep, energy, and connectedness…. they leave the viewer happy- with peace- may you have ever greater and expanding success and influence with your art!
Kelley 5 stars My husband and I are both extremely pleased with the painting that Melissa did for us. I found the entire process to be easy as Melissa is a pleasure to deal with. There is something special about enjoying a piece of art that was made specifically for you. I enjoyed the process of seeing the original sketch grow step by step. The finished product surpassed our expectations. I am already planning to purchase a gift for a loved one. And as soon as it is done I think we will be looking into our next one! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us Melissa!
Stef 5 stars Melissa sees the big picture…and breaks it down into such fine details that each time you look at one of her paintings you see something new. Incredible talent!
Jhansy 5 stars Melissa beautifully recreated a picture of my husband and me in a sketch that is now hanging over our fireplace. Her amazing talent combined with her professionalism made the experience absolutely enjoyable. I would recommend Melissa to anyone!
Merle 5 stars I had Melissa painted two mountain scenes for us 10 years ago. To this day, we enjoy the paintings. Her style is bright and colourful!
Megan 5 stars Melissa sketched a portrait of my son and I that is absolutely fabulous and hangs with pride in my sisters home. Thanks Melissa!!
Will 5 stars Melissa’s dense floral style blossoms into moments of contemplative space. Each unique piece is never the same twice and moves in layers against itself. Wickedly bright colours are tempered by a deep love of nature and an elegance that is evident in every careful stroke of the brush. If you are one who has put brush to canvass from time to time, you cannot help but appreciate the effort and love that goes into every painting. Truly amazing.

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