Melissa Enns (Stinson) is happy to be back in her home town of Brooks, Alberta. Born and raised in Brooks until the age of 13, Melissa has spent the majority of her life moving around, traveling and gathering new and exciting experiences. Before Melissa could walk, she was playing in the finger paints and throwing colour around the paper, herself, and anything else that was lucky enough to come into contact with her at any particular moment. Throughout her childhood, she played in her mother’s art supplies and watched keenly as wonderful watercolour masterpieces were created at the kitchen table. Inspired by her mom, Kay Enns, Melissa has always been interested in doing something creative, whether it be for a school project or just for fun. She excelled at art in school and took classes whenever she could. Through her teens and into her early twenties, Melissa took an interest in the family business and assisted with teaching art lessons to children and adults. She started painting seriously in the watercolour medium in her early twenties and from there branched out into her own style of acrylic insanity. Though she still dabbles with some other types of art forms (pencil portraits, pencil crayon mandalas, and watercolour abstracts), Melissa’s first love focuses on the flow, vibrancy, and movement of the acrylic medium.

Melissa has a strong passion for bringing smiles to people’s faces. Through her artwork she hopes that people will find joy in their hearts and will take time to contemplate the world around them in new and exciting ways. Her love of nature, books, and travel have been huge inspirations for her and she has found incredible stimulation in a variety of places around the world including India, Thailand, Cambodia, Germany, Spain, and Mexico, to mention a few. You can see more of Melissa’s artwork on her website at , follow her on her Facebook page “Melissa Stinson, Artist” and Instagram @mgstinson

Melissa currently resides in her home town of Brooks, Alberta with her comic artist boyfriend; mom, acrylic artist Kay Enns; mini pot belly pig, Yoshi; dog, Rocky; and three cats, Molly, Rusty, & Denny.

2 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. Savannah Shantz said:

    I absolutely love looking at your work! MORE PLEASE! :0)

  2. Just found this bio Melissa-Rosa. Thanks you for the dedication! You totally inspire me too! Miss you and hope the yellow arrows of our life direct us on the same camino again soon!

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