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With Flowers in Her Hair *Commission* 11" x 14" Acrylic c. Melissa Stinson

With Flowers in Her Hair
11″ x 14″
c. Melissa Stinson

In 2012, when we moved back to my hometown of Brooks, we had the immense task of practically gutting our new house and doing a complete renovation of it.  Actually, we have lived here 2 years now and everything that needs to be done STILL hasn’t been completed… But that is beside the point.  😉  Anyway, our utterly fabulous friends gave us room and board for the first month or so of our time here in Brooks so that we would have time to at least make our new home live-able.  We were so honored and thankful for their help, I promised that at some point I would do some kind of art piece for them as a thank you.  Finally, this past Christmas, I sat down and designed this horse portrait for them.  This was a project made so completely from my heart that I can’t even express the amount of love that I put into it.  Their love of horses and the prairies, on which we live, is expressed in many forms, as is the Scottish/English background.  I loved doing the dog portrait commission so much, I figured that I may as well try my hand at something a bit more challenging.  I am a glutton for punishment I guess (hehe).  I did have some trouble working on the horse but in the end I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Here you will see a true labor of love.