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"Peacock Paradise"  8" x 10"  Acrylic on Canvas  Copyright Melissa Stinson

“Peacock Paradise”
8″ x 10″
Acrylic on Canvas
Copyright Melissa Stinson

Oh… My… GOODNESS!  I can’t believe that my last post was in June… JUNE!?  Like, what planet have I been on since then?  Yikes! Well, I guess to be honest with you, after painting “Nature’s Guardian” I took a pretty long hiatus from painting.  That project absolutely RUINED my arm and my eyes… plus it was getting beautiful outside and I had things to do, like build a couple of decks and what-not.  So it was around mid-November when I finally got this little painting finished.  I love, love, LOVE this one SOOO much that I have started a HUGE painting in a very similar style so please check back in a couple of months, or years, to see that one!  Meanwhile, for your enjoyment, here is “Peacock Paradise”.  This painting was inspired by my mother’s deep love of anything peacock related.  🙂  It was such an absolute joy to paint and, once again, I was able to use some of my own photos from Thailand to give me inspiration!  I hope you enjoy!!!  xo  (Oh right, you say, she hasn’t posted ANYTHING for 7 months and this is all she is going to post!?  What’s up with that!?  Don’t worry my friends, I have 2 more paintings to post about but seeing as it is 3:30 in the morning where I live, you will have to wait until tomorrow.  😉  )