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"Octopus's Garden" 16" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas Copyright Melissa Stinson

“Octopus’s Garden”
16″ x 20″
Acrylic on Canvas
Copyright Melissa Stinson

May I present to you my newest work entitled “Octopus’s Garden”.  This painting was a giant undertaking for me.  Though it is the same size as my last two paintings, this baby has a TON more work in it.  I had one heck of a time trying to decide what I wanted to put in this painting! Let me tell you, the number of hours spent researching, adding things, subtracting things, painting, re-painting, would likely astound you… Just thinking about it astounds even me…. I am really not a very patient person a lot of the time, either it is because I use up my patience on my paintings or I turn into a different person completely when working on them (More than likely a little from column A and a little from column B).  :P.  Instead of me explaining what you should be on the look out for in this painting, I invite you to stare at it for a few minutes… And by that I mean hours, or even days if you so desire.  Why did I do this painting?  Well, for my entire life I have been exposed to the music of The Beatles.  This painting, “Octopus’s Garden”, is my way of thanking the Fab Four for their contribution to the music world.  They have been an enormous inspiration to me in so many aspects of my life, helping me through some hard times and being a great soundtrack to some of my greatest times. Thus, I felt that it was time to honor them in my own style. If you look carefully, you may see 4 little snails in this painting, they are called John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  (Ok, I lied, I gave you four little things to look for 😉 ).  I hope you enjoy this piece and I hope that my family, friends, and animals who have had to bear with my constant chattering about it will now enjoy some peace and quite… At least before I get going on my next one… hehe!