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Wispy something-or-other…

Ok so, first off, hello again everyone!  I hope you are all doing well and staying über creative these days!

For anyone following my Facebook Page you may have seen my post the other day about starting up a doodle-a-day challenge for myself and anyone else who might like to join (Please join me so that I don’t feel so lost and alone in the world :P).  My idea has been to doodle for a minimum of 15 minutes everyday until I have a chance to actually do some “REAL” art again.  I use the word “REAL” here only because I have never really found doodling to be much of an art form… *For me*.  I love other people’s doodles and, in fact, find something called “Zen Doodling” to be quite fascinating and beautiful!


Kinda nifty

I even hope one day to find my inner Zen doodler! Has anybody else out there actually attempted doodling just as a way to keep the right brain open and functioning (or simply to shut that part of your brain up when it keeps bumping around in your head like it is some kind of irritating, caged animal trying to break free)?  I wonder how you have fared in this, I would like to say, challenging feat?  Seriously, I can’t believe how difficult and even frustrating it has been for me to sit down and… Draw? Write? Create? Be?  Maybe that is the problem here. I don’t ACTUALLY know what I am supposed to be doing.  Everything I have doodled looks like a big mishmash of craziness (Although I don’t know what else I would expect from a crazy person like myself)!



Last night I took my sketch book to bed with me and while I was sitting there staring at that bright white paper like a complete idiot I finally figured it all out.  “Stupid Melissa” my dear brain said to me, “What in the HECK is wrong with you!?  This is supposed to fun, a way to be a little creative WITHOUT having to make it look perfect!  How anal can you be? Does everything you do have to work out? Be pretty? Look like the Sistine Chapel!????”.  Ooooooh, *CLICK*.  Of course it doesn’t! ENJOY THE PROCESS!  At this point I was rather irritated at myself for berating me but, despite this (Ican deal with me later), I took the cap off of my pen and just started moving it around the paper.  Guess what!?  I actually did have fun!  I didn’t really think about it at all, just drew and wrote stuff that popped into my brain.  I have to say it was definitely freeing.


Three days worth of doodling. I do love this one.

So, yay me!  I guess I figured it out. So, if you are out there, trying to do a doodle-a-day, please please please just have FUN!  Enjoyment in the process is what it’s all about.  Nobody has to see it except for you so just… Let Loose!  Nobody is asking you to be Michelangelo here.  And if you do like any part of what you have drawn, coloured, written, please feel free to share it with as many or as few people as you might like.  Feedback is always fun and you might just get a few more ideas out of it too.  HAPPY DOODLING!


“Just do SOMETHING!”