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About 4 years ago my hubby tried and tried to get me to watch “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” after having been introduced to it himself by a fellow cast member who was a big fan.  I had NEVER been interested in watching such a show.  I grew up with it on the TV while I was in my late teens, and I loved shows like “Charmed” and “Roswell”, but for some reason I never, ever, ever wanted to watch Buffy.  I had seen glimpses while channel surfing and thought it looked really stupid.  Not my cup of tea.  So, when hubby brought home the entire series and begged me to give it a try, the hard-headed person that I can sometimes be (always actually, but whatever 😛 ) told him to return them to his friend… I was NOT going to watch it.  He didn’t return it right away so it sat beside the TV taunting me for weeks, begging me to watch, pleading… It was ridiculous.  Well, one evening while my husband was at work and I had nothing to do (believe me, I tried to find something, ANYTHING to do, but alas it wasn’t happening) I stared down the seven seasons of Buffy with great contempt.  I started thinking that maaaaybeeee I could watch one episode, just to kill time, what could it hurt?  Suffice it to say, one episode turned into two episodes and then three and then I ended up watching the ENTIRE series in less than a month.  SICK!  I then proceeded to watch the entire series of “Angel” because, well, it was “Angel” and the “Buffy” series didn’t feel complete without “Angel”.  Talk about severe addiction to television shows!  The reason I am writing about this right now is because the bright person that I am recently went out and bought the “Buffy” series so that I could re-watch it with my mom who had never seen it, she had watched all of “Angel” so I knew she would love it.  Now I am re-addicted.  Like, REALLY re-addicted.  Like the “I have been dreaming nightly about the characters” addicted.  I am starting to feel like I should get a life… Except, I love being addicted to TV series.  Don’t you?  How wonderful is it to buy a new TV series and get into it hardcore for a while?  Especially when you know that you have AT LEAST 3 seasons to watch right away so that you don’t have to wait for stupid cliffhangers?  Ya, I know what you are thinking… It IS great!  😛  Addictions are such a weird thing, I really have too many to name, and I sit here sometimes wondering what inner workings in our SELF allow addictions to happen?  Addictions to food, TV, music, travel, Facebook, art (I do have an addiction to my art so that’s good I guess)… Addictions to love, and hope, and sometimes even addictions to despair…. What is that all about anyway!?  Why do we get addicted!?  So weird.  We are weird beings people… Face it.  At least we are also pretty cool for the most part!  🙂

Now, maybe I will go do a pencil sketch of Spike… (If you watch Buffy, you will know, how can you not?)