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Easter Blessings6″ x 8″Acrylic on Canvas BoardMelissa Stinson

Easter Blessings
6″ x 8″
Acrylic on Canvas Board
Melissa Stinson

Hello everyone!  As promised here is my Easter painting entitled “Easter Blessings”!  Frankly, I can’t believe that I was able to reach my goal to have this finished before Easter… Usually it takes me AGES to finish these things.  Especially since I average  40 hours to paint them.  With everything that has been going on this week, the fact that I fit 40 hours of painting in was no less than a miracle!  Yay, I hope you like it!!!

Updates on my life?  Ohhh sure… It has been one heck of a week.  With the painting and the house showings (3 of ’em, come on people, buy my house!) and my hubby being home for a day (only 1 day BUT he just got home today for the WHOLE weekend, how lucky am I?) and preparing for Easter weekend and grocery shopping… Well you get the idea.  Life is BUSY!  I haven’t even written my book in the last few days.  BOO!  hehe

So yes we had 3 house showings… Our realtor is on holidays right now so I got to show the house to 2 groups of people.  Let me tell you, I may enjoy being a realtor in some other lifetime when I get to show other people’s houses, but for mine? NO WAY!  I hate it when people pick apart every little thing while I am standing right there…. Trying not to take offense, trying not to care, trying not to shove them out my door.  Most of it didn’t bother me tooooo much (Maybe just a bit) but when the couple that came on Wednesday walked into my bedroom said that it “Smelled funny in here”.  I was all like… Uhhh, really… like what?  Like it smelled like my hair conditioner?  The “Lush” products sitting in my en-suite bathroom?  I mean, I don’t have a crap ton of roses down there or anything, and face it… It has been winter for 6… SIX… months and I haven’t had the windows open… and it IS a basement… and we do have 4 cats and a dog… But, but, I think it smells pretty good despite all of that.  IRK!  Thank goodness that the people who came yesterday seemed to like the place… Made me feel better FOR SURE.

Stuck Truck

Stuck Truck

Ooooh, Another fun little thing that happened this week was when the garbage truck got stuck in our driveway… Oh yes, that was amusing. I was so embarrassed and I didn’t know what to do so I hid and pretended not to be home… How bad is that!?  I was pretty stealthy in my photography skills though.  I got a great pic when the neighbor came by to tow the truck out with their tractor… It’s ok, you can call me a chicken sheet, I don’t mind, I am well aware.  😛

Ok… I really have to go and do my laundry and prepare for our company.  They will be arriving in a few hours and I haven’t done any of my planned preparations… EEEeeeep!  S’ok, I’ll get it done, and if I don’t I know they won’t care.  They are good like that.  It’s why I love them.  😀