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As I sit here tonight thinking about life, the universe, and everything (Get it?)… I realize that I have nothing to say.  It’s cold in here… That’s boring.  I am tired… Boring. I had soup for supper… Yah ok, tell me to shut up.  😛

Actually I guess it isn’t true that I have NOTHING to talk about.  I started a new painting today. Easter themed and I am liking it so far so that’s good.  I pray that it is not another one of those projects that starts out smoothly and then BAM!  Brick wall.  My goal is to have it finish for next weekend.  Wish me luck, I may need it!  PS: Check out the sneak peek on my Facebook page, and while you’re at it, *pretty please* give me a like… I have been stuck at 209 likes for so long I keep thinking that some unseen force in the universe is holding it’s finger over the like button and hiding it from everyone, all the while laughing it’s maniacal laughter.

Also the snow drift from hell (oxymoron?) has won the war that I started with it yesterday (Or at least it thinks it has).  That 3 1/2 foot tall sucker blocking me in my driveway (Yes, it covered the entire width of the driveway) didn’t see what was coming at first but it sure has fought back… I have attacked 3 times so far and it keeps beating me back!  Never have I missed my husband more, we are such a good team when it comes to stuff like this  (Love you hunny!)  Well, at least I can squeeze the Jeep through the opening that I have slowly chipped away.  I may get stealthy and go at it from a different angle tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Nightmare Driveway

Nightmare Driveway After 3rd Attack

Sweet dreams everyone!  🙂