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Happy first day of spring everybody!  I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo but that’s ok, soon me thinks, soon, me hopes… Please!?  Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, I hope you are all cozy and warm, finding inspiration in all that you are doing.  Me?  Yes, today I actually DID find inspiration.  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!  I actually painted today after, oh, a little (and by that I mean long) break.  The block is gonzo.  Up next on the uploads (as long as the block stays gone) will be my newest and final addition to my Seasons Series.  Guess what?  That last painting is all about SPRING.  I am not excited for it to be here so please don’t say that I am. 😛  I was hoping to have it all finished up in celebration of today, but as is the norm. in my case, I have had to do some changes of this-es and that-s and so it isn’t finished.  But it will be, soon, I promise.

Me in Santiago 2007

Me in Santiago 2007

I also started writing my book today.  I have been wanting to write this book since I got back from a trip that I made to Spain in the fall of 2007.  It was the journey of a lifetime and yes, after 5 1/2 years I still feel that it is important to record this journey, if not for you all, then for me.  I need to remember and I am thrilled that FINALLY, after an embarrassing number of attempts, I have started this book and I am NOT going to let it go until it is done.  For those of you who don’t know me: I went to Spain to walk an ancient pilgrimage across the country.  Yes I said walk, and by walk I mean, hike, stumble, fall, get up, sweat, ache, twist ankles, get run down by people doing the pilgrimage on their bikes, sleep in hostels with 100 other people, live in the moment, and have a hell of a good time!  It was not my purpose to go and have fun, I went alone and figured it would probably stay that way, but it didn’t, and I was glad.  This pilgrimage is called the Camino de Santiago.  My Camino was a 900km journey from St. Jean Pied de Port in France, across Northern Spain and ending at the Atlantic ocean.  I walked the entire way and it was amazing, a life-changer for sure!  I am SO excited to be reliving it again, just in time for me to get totally revved up about going again next year!  Woop!  😀

With that, I will take my leave.  The wind is howling outside, there is another winter storm warning for tonight? Tomorrow? All week?  Who cares, Spring is coming but for now warm tea is waiting for me and perhaps an episode or two of Buffy.  😉