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Well, I figured since I am not doing a whole lot right now, being sick and all, the least I could do was write something on here.  Thing is I don’t really know what to say.  I have been fighting a head cold for the past few days (This was NOT made better by the minor car accident we had yesterday… Snow + Ungraded country roads + 4 x 4 vehicle + 20 km/hr does not = safe driving conditions… We were stuck in the ditch that we slid into for quite some time before the tow truck came and then I got to stand out in the FRIGID cold north wind for half an hour while he tried to get us out… Made for an exciting day!).

"Can I paint too?"

“Can I paint too?”

I actually got my paints out today (yay!), thinking about working on my last installment of my Seasons paintings.  I was waiting for spring for inspiration, but perhaps if I paint it, spring will just show up…   That would be delightful!  I think my cat is telling me to get on with things.. either that or he wants to paint too.  I am sure that everybody around here, including my animals, keep looking at all of my unfinished art projects and wonder what the heck I am doing NOT finishing them.  I am a little A.D.D. in this respect (and by that I mean A LOT A.D.D.) I get super inspired by something, start it, and then get a block (Do other people find this to be a problem too, or just me?).  Makes me go a little crazy when I then find myself overwhelmed by all the unfinished pieces sitting around my studio… THAT is when procrastination sets in.  I start to offer to fix websites (I have done three of those in the past couple of weeks), Facebook Pages (See previous bracketed area)… And when that is all done, or I am tired, I play around on the internet, getting more inspiration for more projects, and well, it is one horrible cycle.

With that being said, I am going to go and make myself some “get well soon” tea, and see where the rest of my evening leads me.  ❤