So I am sitting here contemplating what to do today.  I think it’s a good question really, I got up WAY earlier than normal (normal for me being 11am, or 12pm, or 1 pm, or whenever… What can I say I am a wife of an actor and I live his hours).  The reason for this was because we were showing our house to… wait for it.. not one but TWO people today. This is exciting because there have been no bites since October (we have been trying to sell our house since, oh, last May…) Anyway,  BOTH showings were cancelled due to the miserable, horrible, no good weather out there.  Doesn’t March mean… Spring?  Maybe I’m crazy… but… yah I’m crazy.  So now I am stuck in this house, sick, tired from only four hours of sleep.  What do I do?  Go back to bed, read, watch a movie (that sounds tempting due to weather), or gee, I don’t know DO SOME ART??  I feel soooooo uninspired in the winter, on the prairies, where everything is just WHITE.  I rant?  Maybe little bit…  Well I guess we will see what kind of trouble I can find. Maybe I’ll check back later and let you know… Maybe not… Let’s see.  😛